My 17th Birthday | Thoughts

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Im writing this the night before my birthday. I have exactly two hours before I'm officially seventeen and I'm not sure how I feel about it. This is going to be a bit of a chatty post just to document how I'm feeling and maybe look back on it in the future. Kinda like a public diary.. But not.

Okay, so for some reason seventeen feels like a big number and gosh I'll be a legal adult in only a year... that's terrifying. That means that if I ever decide to break the law I'll go to court as an adult and go to prison.. adult prison. Oh and I'm also auditioning for universities next year.  Next. Year. What?!? This is very worrisome. I don't even make my own lunches yet ( I know how and stuff... but still). Seventeen just feels like its going to be an awkward in-between year. Not yet an adult,  but far from being considered a child.  So many big changes are coming and I really don't think I'm prepared. Definitely not prepared for university. At all. Im thinking of taking a gap year though so maybe I'm over thinking things...What a strange feeling to think that I'll never be sixteen again. Never. Is it bad that I feel like its all downhill from here?? Everything I'm writing right now is just me being silly but there is a bit of truth to it all. Pretty soon I'm not going to be taken care of and its just going to be me making decision that will altar the course of my life. Have I been doing that all along though? Not sure. 

Oh god.. and I'll never be able to sing Sixteen Going On Seventeen the same way again. 

Tell me now, how was your 17th year? Maybe give me some advise? I could use it! 

My Favourites of the Month | December

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

December was one of the busiest months I've had in a while. I had four weeks worth of performances and rehearsals; it was an experience filled month to say the least! But in-between all that craziness I found some amazing items! So here they are, the things I've been loving in December : 

1. Bûche De Noël - Lush
Face and Body Cleanser

This is a really gentle cleanser/ exfoliater made with almonds and cranberries. Its been really cold where I live so my skin has gotten really dry and dull but this is so soothing and gentle that it exfoliates my skin while also moisturizing it with the cocoa butter thats in it. Its really made a difference which is special because not many products really help most of the time. 

2. About Face Foundation - Flower

Ive continued my search for cruelty free makeup products/brands and this foundation is by far the best I've tried yet! It's really light and fresh looking but gives just enough coverage. It lasts all day and leaves your skin looking bright but not oily. Definitely a repurchase! 

3. Shine Wax - Garneir Fructis 
Pure Care Dry Oil - Dove

This cold weather has horrible effects on not only my skin but my hair too and these two products have worked perfectly. Both are super duper moisturizing but they don't leave your hair looking stringy and oily just soft and shiny. 

4. Deluminator - Harry Potter

I don't think I really have to explain why this is not only a favourite of the month but of the year.. I mean just look at how cool it is! Best christmas gift ever!!!  

5. The Hurting - Tears For Fears

I was introduced to this album this month and it has turned into one of my favourite albums of all time. Its all about the effects of neglect and society's carelessness towards children's fears and emotional needs, and the concequences that come from that type of abuse. My friends and I seemed to have talked a lot this month about such situations in our own lives, from dealing with angry and harmful teachers to parents who bully and torment their children. This is an album full of amazing music with an extremely important message that affected me deeply this month. We need to place the protection of youth's happiness and hopefulness over "preparing them for the real world". The "real world" would be a much better place if we put love first.

6. My Family and Friends

The best part of my month by far was getting to be with my family and friends. I was so busy with school that I didn't really get a chance to truly be with my family ( I mean I live with them but I still missed them). It was so wonderful to get to go out with my mom again and watch movies at night as a family and it was just so great to get back into the christmas spirit together. I also got to be with my friends a lot more than usual ( again, I see them everyday but I missed our long life chats). We had our christmas party as well as hung out again later on during our break. We got a chance to just talk and get some things off our chests as well as have some pretty amazing laughs. I noticed how happy I felt every time I saw them and I realized how important they are to me and how wonderful it is to have such amazingly caring, funny and intelligent friends. 

Well that's it. It was a busy yet fantastic and memorable month! 

How were your Decembers? 


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