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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Words cannot express how much I love these plaid pants. They're so retro and cool, I've been searching for a pair like these for ages. I must say, they remind me of something one of the members of The Strypes would wear. Its still pretty cold here so I layered my black collard shirt with one of my favourite sweaters. I was very cozy today.. except my ankles, but hey anything for fashion. Fingers crossed it will warm up soon!

Sweater - Asos 
Black Collard Shirt - Forever 21
Plaid Pants - Virgin Black 
Belt - Topman (borrowed)
Creepers - Little Burgundy 

My Favourite Creepers | Fashion

Sunday, 22 March 2015

I must say the coolest shoes I own are definitely my leopard print creepers. I've worn them so much they're practically falling apart. Creepers aren't for everyone I know but I really do love them. I've managed to save up enough money over the past little while and have decided to buy a new pair.  After searching through the T.U.K website, these four stood out and are definitely my favourite.  I like them all for different reasons but I can't seem to make up my mind...

Pictures via T.U.K

1. Now I think these might be my favourite....maybe. They're just so cool and I love the thought of having shoes that are a combination of creepers and oxfords. I think they'd be pretty versatile with my wardrobe and I think they just fit my style perfectly. My family hates them though.. But that's never stopped me before.

2. I mean..polka dot creepers. Can you get any cuter? My mom seems to like these the best. I think I like them because they aren't too overboard and would really look cute with an all black outfit or anything really. I keep imagining them with a black midi skirt and a red retro shirt. I think I like them because they're much sweeter looking than the other ones.

3. These ones I think are a good choice because they're just really simple and plain which means they'd be extremely versatile. I like how they aren't completely black though, its nice to have a bit of a design on them. I feel like these are the most practical choice. 

4. Now these are just plain fun. They really aren't something I'd usually gravitate towards but hey, why not. The Hawaiian print on them just seems like so much fun. I'm imagining wearing them in the summer with some light wash high waisted jeans and a white bustier crop top. Very fun and very retro. 

Now that I've shown and explained my choices I really would appreciate your opinions. Which are your favourite? 

Blue Collar Jane | Fashion

Monday, 16 March 2015

Ah spring is finally here. See all that stuff behind me? That there is melting snow. I am one happy camper. 
I think I'm digging the whole song title used as blog post title thing... Today's title is from Blue Collar Jane written by The Strypes. They are one of the coolest new bands out there and they also have the coolest style ever, they honestly look like little modern day teddy boys. 
 I kept my outfit pretty simple today, wearing my usual high waisted skinny jeans with my brother's adorable little blue shirt, my black bow neck tie, black hightop converse and of course my cbc backpack. Simple, yet the perfect combination of greaser and teddy girl. 

Shirt - Topman
Jeans - American Apparel
Shoes - Converse
Backpack - Chapters 

Skater Girl | Fashion

Sunday, 8 March 2015

He was a skater boy she said see ya later boy... Ah memories. That song was my jam when I was four. But enough about early (good) Avril Lavigne. Time to talk about this outfit! 
First off, this is the best coat I've ever owned. It's so flattering and warm and I think it's absolutely adorable. For those of you who don't know ( I didn't before I bought it ) this type of coat is called a skater coat, it cinches in at the waist and flairs out. I chose between three colours, black, baby pink and this navy blue. I loved them all but I'm so happy I went with the navy blue!! It's more wearable than the pink but also more unique than the black. Its just a really classic looking coat and it's the coat I've been dreaming of for ages!! Highly recommended!! 

Coat - Asos
Dress - American Apparel 
Lace Collared Shirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Asos 

In Retrospect | Fashion

Monday, 2 March 2015

So I have finally found a pair of mom jeans that actually fit me!! I admit I wasn't a very big fan of them before, I thought they looked.. well... a lot like something a mom from the 90s would wear. They were definitely named correctly. But after looking through some pictures of Teddy Girls I noticed that a lot of them wore them too. They even managed to pull them off and make them look pretty cool.  I really love these ones from Topshop because they fit really nicely on top and then are looser on the bottom so they look a little more flattering than the normal ones. 

(This is the type of photo you get when your best friend is behind the camera )

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes - Asos

Happy ... well its monday so it can't be happy... I guess I hope you all had at least a decent monday :)

I obviously love Teddy Girls, tell me in your comment who your fashion icons are! 

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