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Sunday, 27 July 2014

As a devoted fan of winged eyeliner, I have tried countless amounts of liquid and gel liners, which has brought me to the conclusion that a lot of them suck...  But have no fear! I'm going to save you all some time and share my three favourite eyeliners, these are in my opinion the best of the best. I'm not a huge fan of gel liners, so I'll only be talking about liquid ones. I've tried high end and drugstore eyeliners and I really haven't seen a significant difference between them. Its a tricky business picking out the right one for your needs but if you're  like me and love winged eyeliner these are some to test out! I highly recommend them all! 

1. Rimmel - Exaggerate :    This is my all time favourite eyeliner! I've used it everyday for a few months now. I've re-purchased it, I've recommended it to friends... its fantastic! The best thing about this product is that the colour remains vibrant throughout the day and lasts for an incredibly long amount of time. It has a standard felt tip applicator, which I like because I find it gives me more control to create a precise line. 
You all have to try this! 

2. L'Oréal - Lineur Intense : What makes this product stand out for me is its shape. It has a very long top so it feels really comfortable in your hand when you apply it which helps make a very straight and precise line. This is another product with great colour payoff, it's almost a little glossy. It lasts all day without smudging or fading. Like all my favourite liquid eyeliners this also has a standard felt tip applicator. Recommended to those of you with shaky hands!  

 3.  L'Oréal - Telescopic : Now this is the eyeliner that helped me perfect my technique. It was the first really good liner that I used and it made all the difference! This is another liner where the colour payoff is magnificent. The felt tip applicator is slightly smaller than the other ones on this list which helped me when I first started using liquid eyeliner because I couldnt make huge mistakes, Every flawed line I made was small enough to be corrected. This eyeliner lasts all day but if you do mess up it's easily fixable with a Q-tip which is really helpful. Another great thing about this eyeliner is that it comes in a waterproof formula which lasts an incredible amount of time. This is a great summer liner;  highly recommended for those of you with busy days in the heat! 

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