The Perfect Welcome Home Surprise | Morrissey Box Set

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Alright guys, so I was recently on vacation in Newfoundland (which was absolutely gorgeous!) and when I returned home, I found possibly the greatest surprise ever waiting for me in my bedroom. My World Peace Is None Of Your Business box set arrived in the mail!!! My brother was kind enough to open it for me and lay all the items out on my bed so that I could see them as soon as I got home. The box set included the CD (of course), the vinyl version, a t-shirt, some lyric sheets, a poster, but most importantly an autographed copy of Morrissey's Autobiography!!! I've just been staring at it all day... I actually can't believe I have it in my hands. I've been listening to the album on repeat. Morrissey never fails to comfort me with not only his beautiful lyrics but his voice as well, it's still as flawless as always. If you're interested in what all of this looks like here are some pictures:

What do you guys think of World Peace Is None Of Your Business?

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