What's In My Bag | Summer Edition

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hello everyone! I hope your Saturdays are all going well. So in today's post I'm going to show you my everyday purse and what I keep in it, because in a weird and slightly creepy way a lot of people (including myself) find these fascinating.

I know, I know my purse is quite small, but I really only carry the things I need... mainly because I'm too lazy to lug around a heavy purse. But nonetheless my bag is from Aldo and I absolutely love it because it matches so much and it's just such a classic piece, I've been using it everyday this summer!

Things I keep in my purse :
In order from top right to bottom left

Wallet - Cath Kidston
Lip Balm - EOS in mint
Hair Tie and Bobby Pins - Hair Tie from TopShop
Cell Phone - Iphone 5c
Lipstick and Lip Brush - DIY crayon lipstick
Glitter Pens - Chapters
Polaroid Camera - Fujifilm


  1. Your purse! I don't even have words. It's so cute. I need it! xx

    1. Haha that was my reaction when I saw it!


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